Louis Vuitton City Guide

As part of their global city guide series, Cape town was one of the places that formed part of their launch series. Beanstalk in collaboration with LV Europe curated and managed an exclusive 2 part launch experience at a private home in the famous Clifton Area of Cape Town. Pentagon house, with its expansive sea vista was chosen to be the location and we went to war to curate the best possible media lunch and guest dinner imaginable. Under the stewardship of LVMH event manager, Davide Vanieri we undertook to make the night wondrous with bespoke tables manufactured by Aidan Bennetts Design, floral settings by Lush, soundscapes curated internally by beanstalk and food and drinks by Jacques Erasmus of Hemelhijs. The events started with a lunch for key media and then we turned the space around for the evening dinner experience with top invited guests and patrons of the brand. A highlight of the night was an accapella moment by your favourite, Lira, to cap a perfect evening for the brand and our teams.

Photography by Jonx Pillemer.